and let the names of those I loved be carved in stone so they will be remembered after I am gone....

About the foundation

The Henri Moerel Foundation (HMF) was established by Henri Moerel (1920-2012) in memory of his father Salomon Maurits Moerel.

Salomon Moerel, an esteemed physician, perished in Auschwitz in 1944, together with his second wife Clara Moerel-Visser, and daughter Carla, Henri’s younger sister.

Music was very important to the Moerel family.

Emotions conveyed by music are a universal language, and in today’s world, the importance of and need for such a universal language is more urgent than ever.

The Foundation owns a number of instruments, amongst which an 1892 violin:

The violin, through the serene clarity of its song, helps to keep our bearings in the storm, as a light in the night, a compass in the tempest, it shows us a way to a haven of sincerity and respect.


The aim of the Foundation is to support young people in fulfilling their potential, and in doing so to enable them to carry the hopes of their generation and to enrich the lives of others.

Photo: Andy Katz