Henri Moerel

Henri’s parents, Salomon Maurits Moerel (b Breda 24 November 1877, d Auschwitz, 6 September 1944), and Adele Dina Wolf (b Elburg 27 August 1886, d Tilburg 19 October 1939) married in 1908. An inscription in their bible recording their marriage read, in beautiful handwriting, “Vrede zij hun deel”, “Peace be upon them”.

They had three children, a daughter and two sons:

  • Caroline Josine (Carla) b Tilburg, 9 November 1909, d Auschwitz, 25 January 1943
  • Maurits Barend (Max) b Tilburg 14 June 1914, d 6 January 1979; and
  • Henri (Hans) b Tilburg, 29 April 1920, d Den Haag, 9 January 2012.

They were a harmonious and warm family, with strong values, often fulfilling the needs of others less fortunate before their own.

The cruelty of the second world war tore the family apart, and the deaths of his father, step-mother and sister in Auschwitz left inerasable wounds.

Despite this, Henri was an open-minded person with indestructible optimism, who had a strong determination to maintain the values that were so important to his family.

…To you from failing hands we throw the torch; be yours to hold it high…

The duty to carry the values of the Moerel family now falls to the Foundation.